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Mobile UI design

Mobile UI

User interface of an application determines its usability. When a smartphone/tablet user utilizes a mobile app, the UI helps him interact with the inbuilt features and let him achieve his goal quickly. User interface differs from app to app, because each app is different from the other and also designers have to maintain some predetermined rules and regulations provided by the mobile operating system manufacturers.

Mobile UI design requires a creative approach that solves the critical facets of usability and functionality at once. At OrangeDIV, we understand that it is not enough to exhibit technical dexterity and offer ease, the big challenge is to give consumers a mind blowing user experience.

We have a large team of expert UI designers and our professionals understand that the need of the hour is to offer inspiring experience with the help of multitasking, enlarged screen real estate, categorized controls and utilizing multi-touch gestures such as swipes, taps and pinch.

We believe in simplicity and clarity. Our customized UI designs help mobile users glide from one point to another effortlessly. The UI does not attract the users' attention, rather it help them focusing on the features offered by the app. We simplify the actions and let people use the app without any guidelines or directions.

Our technical experts have knowledge in iOS and Android platforms and can create UI for both these operating system based devices. We follow a systematic and calculated work method to create effective UIs that function properly without any glitches. We listen to your requirements, create sample UIs, let you select the best option and work on it to achieve perfection. We work dedicatedly, pay attention to your feedbacks and always meet project deadlines. Thanks to the thorough testing we execute on all of our applications, the end users get clutter free, intuitive user interfaces.



  • Polished, stylish and user friendly designs
  • Creative, completely original and engaging UI
  • Satisfactory user experience
  • Compatible across mobile operating systems
  • Intuitive interface
  • Affordable service, but no compromise with the quality


We understand the importance of mobile user interface and are well aware of the fact that an imperfect UI can lead to huge loss. That is why; we try hard to erase the gap between end users and the app maker by creating highly user friendly user interfaces. Contact us today for a custom UI design that you have only dreamed so far
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