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Web UI Design

Web UI


Steve Jobs once said,

" Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works "

While developing the user interface of a website we always keep this in mind. An online customer usually spends only 10 seconds or even less to scan a website and that means within those 10 seconds you must inform, involve and influence the visitor so that he stays longer and surf all the web pages.

At OrangeDIV, we specialize in creating unique and intuitive web UI design. We build your online presence through our custom design and help you leave a long lasting impression on the viewers’ mind. We help you convey your message and generate curiosity among the target audience.

Initially, web designers focused on creating beautiful designs for the sole purpose of customer attraction and to do that, they often sacrificed usability. As the web design business evolved, designers’ focus shifted from beauty to usability as they realized the power of customer interaction. In fact, the key characteristic of a good website user interface is that it transforms passive viewers into active users.

The 21st century websites are completely user centric. People hate flashy websites that take a long time to load and the navigation links are hardly accessible. Don’t forget that the competition level in any business is tremendous. Search on Google for any product or service and you will see hundreds of results. Therefore, the only thing that can keep you ahead of your competitors is not the product/service you are offering, but the way you are offering it. User interface determines user experience and can make or break a business.

Being in this industry for a long time, we have learned one thing; give customers what they want and give it to them fast without wasting any time. Even an extra click to reach the desired product/service page can disappoint a visitor and encourage him to visit another website.

That is why, we believe in working with you rather than working for you, while designing your website's user interface. We ask, "what response do you want from your visitors?" and shape the layout accordingly. Knowing the goal is very crucial because the UI of a website that wants to sell products and the UI of a site that wants people to subscribe for newsletters should be completely different. A good user interface serves both the businessman and the visitors successfully.


Our designers always aspire for high quality designs for bringing the ultimate user experience. We thoroughly research on your brand and target customers and enable your visitors to connect with your website as soon as they come to the landing page.
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