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Packaging Design


Packaging is as important as the product itself.

When people visit a local store or a supermarket, they see same type of products manufactured by different brands and pay attention to the one that has the best packaging design. After all, customers are not so aware about the elements used for manufacturing a product. They buy what visually impresses them and if a good quality product is packed inside a poor package, buyers hardly notice it.

At OrangeDIV, we offer creative packaging design service and help your products get noticed. We understand the impact a product package can leave on the customers’ psyche and hence, give enough time to conceptualize the ideal packaging design for your product.

We have a team of talented graphic designers and they talk with clients face to face. Our designers gather information about your business, the product you want to launch in the market and the socio-economical status of your target customers. Every company has some USPs and our designers make sure that those USPs get reflected in the packaging. We create the story to meet the shoppers’ needs, polish the value proposition and highlight the factors that differentiates your product from other brands. Our designers graphically communicate the right messages, stir up the right emotions and appeal to the target segment of buyers.

Our packaging design keeps your products ahead of competitors and adds value to your commodities. A unique packaging design gives you the opportunity to demand premium price for your products and helps you establish a strong foothold in a fiercely fought marketplace.

Besides creating new product packages, we also redesign the packages of existing products and rejuvenate the appeal of your brand. With the intelligent use of color, graphics, text and corporate logo, we give your existing product a completely new look and create curiosity in the buyers’ mind.


What makes us better than others?
  • 100% genuine and unique design. Our designers believe in creativity, they don't plagiarize.
  • Your message and brand image get viewers' attention and as a result sales revenue increases.
  • Packaging design for a soon to be launched product or redesigning the package of an existing product, our designers can do it all.
  • We take time to create a perfect package for your product, but always meet deadline without any excuse.


Packaging acts as a form of advertisement and decides the popularity of any product. If you want to present your products attractively to the buyers and beat your competitors, contact us today for custom packaging design.
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